Who’s Managing My Money?

Building your retirement dream financial plan requires the right strategies and processes to suit your profile, plan, and time frame. By combining the right tools, and partners, we build plans that work for you.

Growing & Nurturing Your Wealth

At Moakler Wealth Management, we partner with a number of Investment Counsellor Portfolio Manager (ICPMs) firms, managing billions of dollars in assets, who will provide “private wealth management services” at a fraction of what these services cost just five years ago.  An ICPM must attend and pass rigorous educational and ethical standards programs.  They are recognized as the highest level of investment certification in Canada. While the investment advice they give may appear to be similar to Broker-Dealers, there is a significant difference. ICPM’s have a “fiduciary duty” and they have to follow a “fiduciary standard” which is regulated by each provincial securities commission, dating back to 1912. This stipulates that the ICPM’s must act in the best interest of his or her client and they must place their interests below those of the client. This standard also means that the ICPM must not have any conflicts of interest. So we are able to provide the highest quality of money management services to our clients based upon their individual needs.

Fees for Portfolio Management are calculated as a percentage of all managed account assets and are completely transparent. For non-registered and corporate accounts the fees are 100% tax deductible. Portfolios are invested and protected through a third-party custodian who provides quarterly statements.