Due to what is happening in the world right now, we have had to adjust our dinner seminars to online webinars. Stay tuned for upcoming dates and times plus remember to add your name to the waiting list to attend as only those that receive an invite will be invited to attend.

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Topics & strategies at the Webinar include:

Reduce your personal and corporate taxes.

Develop a written, comprehensive financial & retirement plan unique to you.

Turn personal costs into tax-deductible corporate expenses.

Create a tax-free retirement paycheque funded by your corporation.

Pay your family’s medical expenses tax-free.

Finance your children’s’ education “outside” of using a “standard” RESP.

Reduce Revenue Canada’s share of your estate.

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Please note: We only accept registrations from doctors who have received an invitation. These seminars are specific to doctors only & include strategies that apply only to them. If you are a doctor and you did not receive an invitation, please contact: