On this #DoctorsDay, thank you. Thank you to the doctors and surgeons – and to the nurses and many others – who saved my life. And in the process, helped inspire my life’s work.

I love my life. I am living my dreams. But it wasn’t always this way. In December of 2010, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in my jaw, the same cancer that Terry Fox had in his leg.

Talk about a life-changing event. When I heard the word “cancer,” my mind raced. Panic, fear, and a million worries barrelled through my mind.

Things got very real, very quickly. I started chemo in February of 2011, at Mount Sinai, and then for the next three months, had treatment every three weeks. In May of 2011, I was operated on, but the tests came back inconclusive.

So there were two more rounds of chemo, another surgery, and multiple trips in and out of hospitals.

In September of 2011, I heard the wonderful news: I was cancer-free.

But my journey was not quite over. In November of 2012, I had a nine-hour operation with two surgeons, one from Mount Sinai and one from Princess Margaret, who rebuilt my right maxilla. I had come full circle, in a way: all of the bone and muscle that I lost from my mouth and jaw during my 2010 cancer operations were replaced by my own bone and muscle – taken from my back.

It was a new treatment, pioneered by one of Princess Margaret’s top surgeons, Dr. Ralph Gilbert.

I have now been cancer-free for almost nine years. I still continue to be monitored. But I’m not going anywhere. I will be sticking around not just for my family, but also for my clients, who I am honoured to say are doctors and dentists.

As a financial planner, I cannot imagine someone going through what I did while worrying about money – which I did not have to do, because I had life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness insurance in place.

You took care of me. Now I will take care of you, simply by saying this: get your financial affairs in order, including appropriate insurance. Get it through me. Get it through someone else.

Just get it.
With thanks for a lifetime,
John Moakler

John Moakler

John Moakler is a nationally recognized financial planner specializing in financial health care for medical professionals. He rigorously diagnoses your financial condition and then prescribes a customized, written Financial Treatment Plan. If you’re a dentist or doctor and want to learn more – or get started on a plan just for you – contact John today.

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