Life is unpredictable. Unexpected circumstances effect physical and mental well-being, but they can also challenge pre-planned financial goals and dreams. A lifetime of working and saving can be turned upside down at a moment’s notice.

Managing life’s risks is an essential part of our Integrated Private Wealth Management service model. While financial planning builds your wealth, risk management involves strategies that preserve it. Combining the right insurance strategy with your overall wealth plan can be a key to achieving your goals.

We discover the most cost-effective solutions to cover various circumstances. Say a primary income provider or spouse passes away, we expertly plan ahead to cover for a loss of income, dependent needs and unpaid debts – all the while protecting other important assets such as property or business. If a client requires custodial care at home or in a facility, we ensure that there are funds available to cover the high cost of long-term care. In the unlikely event of a disability, we help make sure the financial plan has sufficient funds to compensate for the loss of income. This planning is essential to your financial freedom.


We are partnered with major insurance companies from across the country. Our insurance-licensed experts can advise you on the best choice of insurance products and services to meet your needs and goals.

Some of the ways we can use our insurance solutions to protect and enhance the quality of your personal life include:

  • Preserving your estate so that the assets your children inherit are not decreased by substantial tax liabilities.
  • Maximizing your estate using the significant tax advantages of life insurance.
  • Protecting your quality of life against the financial impact of prolonged illness or injury.
  • Ensuring that Revenue Canada is not the biggest beneficiary of your estate

And we can also offer insurance solutions to protect your business by:

  • Protecting your business against the loss of an owner or key person.
  • Protecting your business if an owner or key person suffers an accident, sickness, disability or critical illness.
  • Meeting the tax and estate planning needs of transferring business ownership to a family member

The team at Moakler Wealth Management has no products to sell and no quotas to fill. We simply offer independent, objective advice that serves your best interests with a comprehensive wealth management plan. When insurance is the right solution for you, we have the experience to implement coverage for:

Individual Lines of Insurance:

  • Life—Family and Estate Protection.
  • Disability—Income Replacement.
  • Critical Illness.
  • Long-Term Care.
  • Private Health Benefits Plans

Business Lines of Insurance:

  • Life: Buy or Sell, Key Man and Group.
  • Disability: Buy or Sell, Overhead Expense and Group.
  • Critical Illness: Buy or Sell, Key Man and Group.
  • Group Benefit Plans.