Fee For Service

1) Exploratory Meeting

You will complete a Client Questionnaire and we discuss your goals, needs, preferences, priorities, obstacles, and opportunities. We discuss whether an ongoing relationship would be of value to you and if so, what your expectations are.

2) Discovery Phase

We develop a more comprehensive understanding of your situation and derive our preliminary analysis. This analysis is based on your responses to our comprehensive questionnaire and the information from our Exploratory Meeting.

3) Financial Plan

Following our initial analysis, we provide a written Comprehensive Financial Plan, which serves as a blueprint for achieving your financial goals. As appropriate, we address cash management, retirement planning, estate planning, income tax planning, risk management, business succession planning, and investment planning, and outline short and long-term action steps that will lead to the achievement of your goals.

4) Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning and Portfolio Management

We take an active role in managing your Financial Plan as this is not a one-time event. This includes ongoing financial planning and advice, portfolio management, topical discussions regarding the changes in life circumstances. Where your Financial Plan indicates the need for more specialized accounting or legal advice, it’s easy to arrange these outside services for you. Of course, if you already have other professional relationships, we are pleased to work with your team.