Investment Management

Who Is Managing Your Money? Are They Looking Out For Your Best Interest? At a recent dinner seminar I held in Toronto, I presented a slide that highlighted the difference between an “Investment Counsellor Portfolio Manager (ICPM) and investment advisors/ brokers/ financial advisors,” and the positive feedback that I received was overwhelming. The medical professionals…

How to find the right Financial Planner

John Moakler is a top producing Financial Planner, well known across Ontario for his advanced tax strategies, and for his advanced wealth building strategies. A graduate of the University of Waterloo in Mathematics, John provides comprehensive financial planning advice to individuals and corporations.

Interviewing Your Future Financial Planner

Is Your Financial Planner Knowledgeable? When I am in need of a doctor who is a specialist, I want to find a doctor that has a lot of letters after their name. I seek out someone who has gone to school for a number of years, someone who is an expert in their field. Ultimately,…