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“We specialize in guiding you to success in all aspects of your financial life. The services we provide will get you to where you want to be by giving you a combination of wealth management and planning, as well as offering you money-saving strategies, such as setting up a Health Spending Account. We work one-on-one with you to develop your success strategy but you have ultimate control over your finances, so you get what you want.”

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Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Your fully customized plan requires the best wealth management.

Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

We provide a comprehensive personal approach to your financial planning.

What Our Clients Can Expect

What Our Clients Can Expect

In-depth discovery meetings are used to construct complete and integrated wealth plans.

Who's Managing My Money?

Who's Managing My Money?

Developing the right strategies and processes to suit your profile, plan, and time frame.

FREE Advice

FREE Advice

Discover the secrets to successful wealth planning at our FREE Seminars for Doctors ONLY. Enjoy a dinner and informative talk from John Moakler absolutely FREE.



Physicians, John Moakler continues sharing his industry leading ideas here.

Doctors Are Misdiagnosing Their Own Financial Health!

Doctors devote enormous amounts of their time and energy to the health of their patients. But surprisingly, many doctors don’t pay enough attention to their own affairs – especially when it comes to their finances. Heal Thy Wealth clearly states John Moakler’s mission: That every doctor in Canada will take as much care of their financial health as they do of their patients’ physical health.


What Can You Do About It?

“Moakler Wealth Management services are tailored specifically to doctors’ needs. Just as a doctor assesses a patient’s condition before giving treatment, they also assesses a doctor’s financial condition, then prescribes a customized, written Financial Treatment Plan. Heal Thy Wealth is just what the doctor ordered – for you!”


Get Your Money Back in Your Pocket!

“John Moakler has obtained the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designations. He spent 18 years in the High-Tech industry and built a software start-up and sold it to IBM for $75 million. Before establishing his own practice, he worked as a financial planner at one of the largest mutual fund companies in Canada, winning many company awards — including the Gold Medal in 2009 and Financial Planner of the Year no fewer than five times. As a financial planner, John’s client list is EXCLUSIVELY comprised of physicians. He develops customized, written Financial Treatment Plans, which he calls, Financial health care for Doctors™. You can finally have control over your finances and have security knowing your customized plan is designed to bring you success!”



We Do Our Best

We have comprised a team of brilliant financial professionals who take you and your priorities as our priority. We are always growing and we ensure that the utmost care is taken when building our team of consultants. You can trust that we have a team of excellence and offer you only the best advice you will find on the market. Each and every one of our consultants have high achievements, certificates and qualifications as well as a natural passion to helping you reach your success goals and dreams. The quality of our team is evident with many years of experience that can only come with seeing client after client achieving their success.

We work hard to include each and every area of your finances in our financial plan for you. This is important for you to have success throughout the length of your life without any undesired holes burning your pockets. Life changes, and your plan changes. We are there for you each and every step of the way. This is how we offer more than just one-time investment advice. We take the necessary time to customize your individual plan to suit you, your family and your life style. Your best interest is our best interest! Our goal is to ensure your plan is true to your success at every stage of your life.

President – Senior Wealth Manager
John J. Moakler, Jr., BMath, CFP, CLU
Agent Mortgage Planner
Cathy Woods
Executive Assistant
Samantha Forbes
Arvin Gangwar

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Why Choose Us

Wealth management is more than just investment advice, it is a guide to success in all parts of your financial life. Moakler Wealth Management gives you a combination of financial and investment advice, accounting and tax services, and legal and estate planning. Our team of highly experienced professionals is committed to providing you with the highest service and attention, ensuring your unique financial plan is true to your success at every stage of your life.

Customized financial planning to suit your individual needs as a physician

Discover Moakler’s Financial health care for Doctors™

Learn income-splitting strategies and how they can skyrocket your wealth

Uncover common risks and how to avoid them

Take advantage of all your options, maximize your finances and be in control

Create the retirement of your dreams



Dr. Ralph Folman, MD, Toronto
John was able to bring great focus to my scattered investment planning. By focusing on both my current and future goals, he was able to provide a much more concrete picture of retirement. I really value his periodic follow-up and the fact that he keeps me committed to my goals by scheduling review meetings and keeping my file current and up to date.”
Dr. K. Jang, MD
John Moakler details the necessary steps that are simple to understand and, more importantly, easy to implement. He is the right and best financial planner for me.”
Dr. A. Singh, MD
In my opinion, Heal Thy Wealth is a blueprint for all doctors to follow when it comes to comprehensive financial planning.”
Dr. S. Grewal, MD
A must-read for any doctor, young or old, who is looking to get his/her personal and financial
house in order.”
Bill & Debbie Dempster, Mississauga
We would highly recommend John Moakler to anyone who wants a great financial planning experience. We have been working with John since early 2008. We trust John’s knowledge and expertise when it comes to specific questions surrounding tax, estate, and retirement planning. John meets with us regularly and addresses any concerns about our financial goals. If you want to see the difference between a financial planning expert and a financial advisor, then you need to call John…He’s our EXPERT!”
John & Betsy Hekman, Toronto
From our initial introduction to John Moakler, we have been impressed with John’s expert knowledge about the various aspects of Financial Planning. We received more information from his consultations in one month than from the years we spent with our previous financial consultants. John is constantly updating us on our retirement plan and that makes us feel like we made the right decision in moving to his practice. We are careful about who we trust with our financial future. John and his team at Moakler Wealth Management has earned our trust and we are confident, even with the current financial turmoil, about our future financial security.
Rosemary Walkem, Toronto
I have personally known John for over 30 years and I have been relying on his financial planning advice for the past 10 years. John is personable, dedicated and very knowledgeable when it comes to developing a financial plan. John has the highest level of integrity and his expertise is always consistent. I strongly recommend his services for any and all of your financial planning needs.”
Bruce Little, Cottage Owner, Muskoka
When I received the mailing from John Moakler inviting me to attend a seminar specifically for cottage owners, I reluctantly agreed to attend. Reluctantly because I felt that there would surely be some kind of high pressure sales pitch to go along with whatever information I might gain. The seminar was quite informative and did not include the high pressure sales pitch I was expecting. When John later contacted me and asked for a meeting to discuss my situation I felt comfortable having him over but did not expect that I would move my assets from our current financial institution. Over a cup of coffee John showed me what we should be doing differently, regardless of what fund we might be invested in. The logic was just too strong to ignore, and John made me feel like he was not just another financial consultant out of the same cookie cutter as all of the rest.

I now have all of my money with John Moakler and I am confident that I made the right move, and that confidence feels good.

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